How to keep your child engaged during Home Learning

Keeping Your Child Engaged While Home Learning | Tell and Spell

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For the last year, parents and teachers have been thrust into the home learning process and have had to adapt in many different ways. With local or nationwide lockdowns set to continue, or if a child needs to quarantine, home learning could be with us for some time yet. In this blog post, we’ll explore some practical suggestions to help keep your child engaged during home learning.

Create a Routine

Create a schedule or routine that works around your family’s needs. Using a visual schedule or timetable with your child gives them structure to the day and allows them to see what’s coming next. In these unprecedented times, routine, structure and predictability can help keep children calm and focused.

Focus on Core Subjects

If your child is feeling overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork they are receiving, concentrate on the important core subjects such as English and Maths. With younger children, the focus might be on reading, spelling and handwriting.

Ask for Help

With technology at our fingertips, seek help and guidance if your child is having difficulty with any aspect of the curriculum. Teachers are there to support and encourage your child. Messages from your child’s teacher can help keep them stay motivated to learn. Keep up to date with any messages or emails from your child’s school.

Connect with Friends

Social interaction and stimulation are fundamental parts of your child’s development and many children are finding it difficult not seeing their peers at present. You could arrange for your child to have a virtual playdate.

Take it One Day at a Time

Remind yourself that these are unprecedented times and that your daily routine is very different right now. Schedule in some family downtime and get outside for some fresh hair every day.

Praise your Child

Praise your child for their great efforts with home learning and focus on what went well throughout the day. Your child’s emotional wellbeing takes priority during these unprecedented times.

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