Tell & Spell word games are designed for children and students to:

  • build their vocabulary
  • improve their spelling
  • enhance their overall standard of English
  • Who is Tell & Spell for?


    Children and teenagers have immediate access to hundreds of word games designed to test, improve and expand their standards of vocabulary and spelling.

    There are word games for all age groups and abilities with a choice of selecting games from 6 levels of difficulty.


    Our word games provide a fun learning experience for your children. By playing, you’re helping them to develop and foster a love for words and learning. 

    Follow the order within each level or dip into any level you like. All family members can join in the fun.


    Students engage with enthusiasm and our word games are quick and easy to administer. Use with the whole class, in teams, or for one-to-one lessons. 

    Class discussions when incorrect answers are given will further reinforce the correct understanding and spelling of words.

    6 Levels – 300 games – 1,800 words

    Sign up today for a free account and find the level that suits your child or students. As they improve they can progress up to the next level to discover more challenging word games.

    Our Vision

    To provide all parents and teachers with the very best learning resources to help children and students improve their vocabulary and spelling whilst having a fun, enjoyable learning experience. 

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