Fun ways to develop your child’s language at the beach

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Language opportunities are all around us every day! This summer we want to empower parents in supporting their children’s language development using our simple tips and strategies. With most of us enjoying many trips to the beach at present, here are some fun ways to encourage language development without your children even realising. 

Make a to-do list for the beach

Language development can begin before you even leave for the beach. Children love to help, so get them involved in the prep. Ask them to make a list of all the clothes, food items, or beach toys they might bring. Let them tick things off as they complete each task. Making a list or a visual schedule helps children complete the task without any help from an adult. It also supports language, memory, and organisational skills. 

Prepare a picnic and encourage life skills

If your child is old enough, involve them in the food prep! Encourage them to wash the lettuce or chop the tomatoes, before making a sandwich. Engage in conversation with your child to encourage the following skills:

  • Language Development: Label food items, utensil names etc.
  • Thinking & Reasoning: Ask questions such as ‘What do we need to cut the tomatoes?’, ‘Why do we need to wash the lettuce?’ 
  • Sequencing Skills: Discuss the steps involved in making a sandwich. 

Develop Vocabulary at the Beach

Model language for your child at the beach and introduce lots of new words. Younger children will enjoy learning new concepts such as ‘sticky’, ‘messy’, ‘sandy’ etc. Older children can be introduced to higher level language such as ‘grainy’, ‘waterproof’, ‘shore’ etc.

Practise Spelling

Grab a stick and practise spelling some words in the sand. For a younger child, spell out their name so that they become familiar with what it looks like. Older children can practise their classroom spellings or words from their Tell & Spell games. 

Have fun

As Albert Einstein once said, ‘Play is the highest form of research’. Build a fort, collect seashells, go for a paddle. The language opportunities are endless at the beach. You are also building on your child’s social skills by encouraging them to play or work as a part of a team with their siblings or friends.

Have a great Summer!

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