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Game Features

Tell & Spell games have multiple, excellent features that make it the perfect resource to help develop spelling and vocabulary skills.


With 50 games per level, you have access to thousands of words.

Our games are arranged across 6 levels of difficulty providing word challenges for all age groups.

Start at a level that you are comfortable with.

Practice Zone

This zone allows you to check your existing vocabulary and spelling abilities and learn new words. 

You can visit this zone as often as you like before entering the Play Zone. Remember, practice makes perfect!


Enter the Play zone and select a game to enjoy. Read or listen to the clues on each word and use your skills to decide on an answer.

Earn rewards as you play and collect bronze, silver and gold rosettes.

Let's Go Again

This zone stores the words you found most difficult to spell. Revisit this zone often to improve your skills and try again to enter the correct spelling. 

Keeping this zone empty means you are doing great and making excellent progress.

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What's Included

Creating an account is free and you have immediate access to trial games across the 6 levels. 

Free Trials

You can play the trial games as often as you like before deciding on the level that best suits your child or students. 

Game Packs

Having decided on the appropriate level, you can then purchase games.
They are sold in packs of 15 and you receive 5 free games with your first purchase.

6 Levels – 300 games – 1,800 words

Sign up today for a free account and find the level that suits your child or students. As they improve they can progress up to the next level to discover more challenging word games.

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