Word Club

Our online Word Club is designed to help children and teenagers improve word knowledge, vocabulary and spelling ability.

  • We examine thousands of words and grade them into 6 Levels of difficulty based on how familiar the word is, the difficulty of meaning, and how difficult it is to spell.
  • Four pieces of information are given on each word. For example, if you are told that a word is a Verb, has 5 letters, the first letter of the word is D, and that the meaning of the word is ‘to operate a car’, you must guess the answer DRIVE and enter the correct spelling. 

When you sign up, a password - protected account is created for you. With our Silver Plan you have immediate online access to: 

  • 2,000 words across 200 tests
  • tests presented in 6 levels that you can try again and again
  • the 6 levels of difficulty give you a progressive programme for children, teenagers and adults
  • an account that keeps a record of results for each user
  • unlimited usage over the annual membership period.

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