Word Club Membership

Annual membership gives users immediate access to our online Vocabulary & Spelling Tests:


  • 2,000 words in our database
  • words graded into 6 levels of difficulty to challenge and improve vocabulary
  • 30 Spelling Tests in Level 1 and 34 in Levels 2 to 6 - repeat tests as often as you like
  • levels for children, teenagers and adults
  • facility to move up to higher levels as you make progress
  • personal record held for each user - view your results and monitor your progress
  • play as an individual or combine with others to form teams
  • unlimited usage over the annual membership period

We offer 3 types of annual membership:

For Individuals: 
  • An account for one user costs €19.95 per annum - access to 2 levels
For Families
  • A family account for up to 8 users costs €39.95 per annum - access to 6 levels
For Schools
  • Click on Join Today and submit the 'Request a Quote' form. Rates are available based on the number of pupil accounts required.

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