Licences - class and family

Classroom Licence €24.95       
  • we will create your 1 year online account and email you details of your username and password   
  • you can then access 2,000 words arranged in 200 lessons and tests across 6 levels of difficulty
  • create accounts for up to 30 pupils with one class licence
  • keep a record of results and progress for each pupil
  • store words answered incorrectly in the pupil’s TRY AGAIN BUCKET
  • pupils earn Cherry Points when they achieve 100% in each test
  • to view a sample class account online go to Login page and enter as username and class1 as password.   

Family Licence €14.95
  • 1 year licence allows you to create online accounts for up to 8 family members

  • access to 2,000 word challenges across 6 levels of difficulty

  • word challenges arranged 10 to a lesson/test for all ages between 6 and 12 years
  • Create teams for some competitive family fun. Teenagers and adults can join in and help by providing additional clues and support. Award 1 point when correct answer is given and a bonus point for the correct spelling of the word.
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